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Safeguarding and Student Support

Safeguarding and Student Support

On this page, you will find the details of the individuals who make up our Safeguarding Team and information on the support available to students here at St Bees 

School Designated Safeguarding Lead



   Mr Andrew Keep
   School Phone Number: 01946 828022

   Email Mr Keep





Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead



   Mrs Vanessa Johnstone
   School Phone Number: 01946 828000
   Email Mrs Johnstone







   Ms Rosie Cole
   School Phone Number: 01946 828000
   Email Ms Cole








    Mrs Emma Stott
   School Phone Number: 01946 828830
   Email Mrs Stott





Nominated Senior Safeguarding Lead




   Anne Guest
   Local Advisory Council




What Is Safeguarding?

Safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children is defined as protecting children from maltreatment; preventing impairment of children's mental and physical health or development; ensuring that children grow up in circumstances consistent with the provision of safe and effective care; and taking action to enable all children to have the best outcomes.

Abuse is a form of maltreatment of a child. Somebody may abuse or neglect a child by inflicting harm or by failing to act to prevent harm.

Children may be abused in a family or in an institutional or community setting by those known to them or, more rarely, by others (e.g. via the internet).

Abuse can take place wholly online, or technology may be used to facilitate offline abuse. They may be abused by an adult or adults or by another child or children.

Abuse can be:

  • physical abuse
  • emotional abuse
  • sexual abuse;
  • Neglect; and/or
  • contextual abuse.


All students at St Bees School are able to access the services offered by Kooth.

Kooth describes itself as "a safe and confidential space to share experiences and gain support from our community and qualified professionals.". 

It offers confidential mental health support to those students who may not feel comfortable talking to someone within the school community about their mental health. This service is completely confidential, and St Bees School do not monitor any of the content that our students send through to Kooth.

Kooth is run by qualified mental health professionals, ensuring that the utmost care and consideration is taken to keep all those who use the platform safe.

Every student is given a Kooth card upon arrival at St Bees, and they can access the service any time that they need.

 Important Contact Details

NSPCC Whistleblowing Advice Service
0800 028 0285

Local Authority Designated Officer
If you have concerns regarding someone who works with a child, these should be reported to the Local Authority Designated Officer (LADO).

Please complete a form:
Report your concern about a child - Cumbria

Send completed forms to the Cumbria Safeguarding Hub, using any of the following methods:
Fax: 01768 812090
Cumbria Safeguarding Hub,
Skirsgill Depot,
CA10 2BQ

Please note if you are worried that a child is at risk of immediate harm please contact the Cumbria Safeguarding Hub on 0333 240 1727. Lines are open 24/7.