St Bees School

Boarding Life

Boarding Life

St Bees School has had boarding students for hundreds of years. Boarding today is focused on pastoral care and providing a holistic education outside of normal school hours.

Being a boarder at St Bees means being part of a big family of students and staff. We study, dine and play together, we look after and support each other and we help each other develop as individuals and as a group.

Boarding at St Bees School

Our Boarding Rooms

Emphasis is placed on providing a warm, safe, healthy, nurturing and peaceful environment for all boarders. Our experienced and well-supported House team is committed to the wellbeing of each boarder. We ensure constant medical, pastoral and safeguarding provision.

School House, our primary Boarding House, has recently been refurbished and provides modern facilities in a traditional setting. Students are in single, double or triple rooms, and have access to large common areas and kitchen facilities.

Weekend Activities

Weekend activities provide a change of environment and are designed to enhance the standard school and boarding offering.

Whether you're into canoeing, film nights (with tasty snacks!), Wainwright Walks or even simply heading to a nearby town to explore, weekends are never boring at St Bees School.