St Bees School

St Bees School Recognised For Innovations In Education

St Bees Recognised For Innovations In Education

St Bees School has received recognition for our work on ‘Innovations in Independent Education’ by the Independent Schools Association.

We are extremely proud to share the news that the Independent Schools Association (ISA) have awarded us “Highly Commended” in their award for Innovation in Independent Education.

This is a result of our unique Fusion Curriculum.

The pioneering Fusion Maths Curriculum at St Bees School is one of the defining features of St Bees. Developed in collaboration with the School of Education at Durham University and our Head of Mathematics, Mrs Johnstone, all our students study Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 content in the first two years at school (Year 7 and Year 8).

Students gain a deeper understanding of more complex mathematical problems and techniques and are able to apply their knowledge in a diverse range of settings – including real-life - meaning their knowledge is truly applicable to their futures.

In addition to our Fusion Curriculum, St Bees has shown innovation through our Character Development programme.
This is a vein that runs through every subject studied at St Bees. We have ten attributes that we focus on developing:
Resilience, Empathy, Teamwork, Leadership, Communication, Critical Thinking, Personal Organisation, Independence, Creativity and Originality.

These are attributes that stand all students in good stead throughout their lives, and are further developed through our Global Awareness Programme and extracurricular activities (GCAS)

St Bees students also study Mandarin as a foreign language. With three St Bees Schools established in China, we have
developed a way of teaching and learning that sees the schools run in parallel.

This allows for free-flow of students between the original St Bees School here in Cumbria and the three sites in China
without a student missing out on any course content - something we can’t wait to start properly after COVID!

Education at St Bees is truly one-of-a-kind, and it is humbling that our efforts have been ‘highly commended' by the ISA.

This is a huge achievement that we are extremely proud of.