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Jiejie's 100 Medal Challenge

Jiejie's 100 Medal Challenge

Year 10 student, Jiejie, joined us this year from Thailand and has over 80 Mathematics challenge medals. She is looking to reach 100 during her time here. Her passion for the subject and determination to achieve is inspirational. Here is her story...

By Jiejie, Year 10

“There are two types of 7 billion people in this world; those who either fall in love with Mathematics or those who hate it enough to want to dig a hole deep down to make sure they do not see it again.

I fall within the first category.

I grew up in a family of mathematicians and scientists. Perhaps that was why I find them easy in school - who knows?

I remember sitting in an unfamiliar room to take my first Maths competition and receiving my result once I turned 8 - it was a bronze medal.

To some, it may be ‘just’ a bronze but for me, it was not. It was an inspiration and no matter how many gold or top scores I will get, this will remain my most impressive medal.

With this little spark of interest, I delved into the world of Mathematics, not only to simply find challenge in competition, but to grow, to learn, to achieve and... to be disappointed,

Life is not always easy – but I know that I can keep calm and hold my ground, not just because of my family...and the inspirational Stephen Hawking.

On Hawking’s infamous blackboard, he writes the words, ‘It doesz work.’ These three words made me realise that feeling sorrow for what has already passed is not helpful.

What I need is motivation and recovery, to be the one that he refers to in “Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.” Every now and then, his voice appears in my head, reminding me to never ever give up.

Many people would question - why bother? What is it with Maths that you love so much? I do not really know, for one to love something... must there really be a reason?

My collection of over 80 medals can prove this. Being part of the St Beghian community makes a huge change to my life. I want to walk into Mathematics competitions on behalf of St Bees School and celebrate my 100th medal here!”