St Bees School

Mission, Vision and Values

Mission, Vision and Values


To develop the next generation of global leaders


To provide the educational environment required to develop the next generation of global leaders, combining:

  • Fusion - integrating the best of West and East
  • Academic attainment (IQ) in balance with character development (EQ)
  • Nurturing virtues
  • global school with a world of opportunities
  • Future - equipped with the mindset and ability to succeed in the future world…

… which will build on Archbishop Grindal’s legacy.


  • Empathetic, respectful, responsible – promoted through the House system and lived through the School ethos 
  • Resilient – the ability to set and achieve personal targets and to cope flexibly with change, developed through the School’s personal tutoring system 
  • Caring and considerate – a commitment to service and to improving the lives of others, developing the maturity to understand the needs of others and promoting their interests within a tolerant residential community 
  • Principled – acting with integrity and honesty, taking responsibility for one’s own actions and understanding the consequences 
  • Reflective – finding ways to be better, striving to understand our strengths and weaknesses to improve ourselves and the world around us.