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KS3 Physical Education

KS3 Physical Education

Physical Education

Course Overview

The St Bees PE curriculum provides a wide range of contextualised opportunities and experiences throughout KS3 in the form of sport and physical activity that is relevant and meaningful to our students.

At the heart of the curriculum is a mission to help St Bees students develop a passion for physical activity that transcends through the later key stages of PE and beyond school life.

Physical Education at St Bees is used as a vehicle for pupils to learn to communicate effectively, display tolerance towards others and develop their confidence and resilience to cope with success and failure, both as an individual and as a member of a team

What Students Will Learn

Please see below the St Bees PE Junior Curriculum Overview which provides a week-by-week summary of topics taught and knowledge acquisition. The course across the academic year will give students the opportunity to:

  • Experience a broad curriculum that links with the national PE curriculum and includes the following areas

A) Team Games
B) Individual Games
C) Swimming
D) Dance & Movement
E) Athletics
F) Outdoor & Adventurous Activities

  • Increase their individual levels of skill, body awareness and coordination and develop their artistic and aesthetic understanding through movement
  • Develop their own cardiovascular fitness & stamina in order to meet the demands of everyday life
  • Ensure confidence and competence in the water
  • Gain a sense of self-confidence and enjoyment, regardless of their prior ability and foster a desire to continue with physical activity both now and in the future
  • Analyse their own performance, gain an understanding of what makes performance effective and learn the value of practice as a means of improving performance
  • Learn and experience the rules, regulations, roles and responsibilities for the sports covered
  • Experience competitive sport and activities that aligns with opportunities and pathways in the St Bees community such as local sports clubs.

Junior PE Curriculum Overview

How You Will Be Assessed

Students at St Bees will be assessed holistically through their acquisition of knowledge, skills and development of self. PE staff use practical grade descriptors to assess five key fundamental skills for each teaching topic and two different tactics and strategies relevant to the context in order to overcome their opponents.

This assessment is used in combination with an effort grade based on their participation levels and attitude towards physical activity. Mastery knowledge topics that prepare students to succeed in IGCSE PE will be assessed via Microsoft forms at the end of each term.

Pathways to Further Learning

The KS3 PE curriculum provides a high quality physical education experience across a three year cycle and prepares students to perform well in academic pathways such as IGCSE PE at KS4. Through the study of PE, students can go on to possible careers including:

  • Professional Athlete
  • Sport Scientist
  • Teaching
  • Personal Trainer
  • Physiotherapist
  • Sport Nutrition/ Dietician
  • Sports Coach/ Consultant
  • Community activity officer
  • Sport Event Management
  • Sport policy at regional and national level