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Our Unique Fusion Curriculum

Our Unique Fusion Curriculum

The curriculum at St Bees School is like no other. We have our very own, bespoke fusion curriculum that all our students follow which builds on a variety of skills as well as their academic achievement.

Fusion Maths

The pioneering Fusion Maths Curriculum at St Bees School is one of the main selling points of the School. Developed in collaboration with the Mathematics Department at Durham University by taking the best of Eastern and Western teaching and learning techniques, students at St Bees School study Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 content in the first two years of study at the school (Year 7 and Year 8).

This means that students are able to develop a deeper understanding of more complex mathematical problems and techniques than those studying the subject in the same age group at other schools. This refinement of mathematical understanding has proven to allow students to become more proficient in problem-solving and are able to apply their knowledge in a diverse range of settings – including real life.

In Year 9, teaching and learning are solely dedicated to consolidating and reviewing their knowledge of the Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 content, focusing on exam techniques and approaches and delving deeper into some of the more complex topics. This makes way for a more personalised approach to each student in Year 10, where students and teachers can focus on the particular areas where more understanding is needed in order for them to be successful at IGCSE.

It is thanks to the bespoke Fusion Maths Curriculum design that this personal approach is possible and has proven to be extremely effective with several students sitting their IGCSE Mathematics examinations early.

While examinations are important, the Fusion Maths Curriculum at St Bees School is more focused on preparing the students adequately, and in enough time, that areas can be revisited, studied and fully understood before they sit their exam. Not only does this give them a head start in their mathematical studies, but it also reduces the stress surrounding the IGCSE examinations and builds student confidence in their own abilities.

Mandarin Chinese

Chinese plays a huge role in the Fusion Curriculum.  Students learn about Chinese culture as well as taking up Mandarin as a foreign language when they join the school.

This helps students understand the differences and similarities in Eastern and Western cultures and is especially useful for the free flow of education between the original school in the UK and the three schools in China.

The school also join their Chinese peers in celebrating the wide range of festivals and special days that are important in Chinese culture.  Chinese New Year, Mid-Autumn Festival, the Dragonboat Festival and many more are experienced both in the UK and in China.

Character Development

Academic success will get you far in life. But with a developed, well-rounded character on top, success has no limits.

That is what we do at St Bees. We develop IQ and EQ (character development) in equal measure to ensure that students are equipped for the global world of tomorrow.

Every week, we focus on building one character trait throughout all lessons and assemblies. We want our students to become well-rounded individuals and be able to apply these skills in every part of their life.

In developing these skills, our students are prepared for an ever-evolving future and be confident, resilient individuals.

Global Awareness Programme