St Bees School

KS3 Mathematics

KS3 Mathematics


Course Overview

In Key Stage 3 we follow the Fusion Mathematics scheme of work developed by us in collaboration with the School of Education at Durham University.

It is an accelerated programme of study, whereby the course content is covered in two years allowing for consolidation and extension in Year 9.

The course is delivered through a variety of media, including video, games, puzzles, textbooks and of course face to face teaching. We aim to promote our students to be independent, confident and creative mathematicians, and instil in them a passion for Mathematics

What Students Will Learn

The main areas of the syllabus comprise:

  • Number – Number properties, calculations, decimals, fractions, percentages, ratio and proportion
  • Algebra – Sequences, linear and quadratic equations, proofs and algebraic graphs
  • Geometry – Angles, shapes, symmetry, constructions, loci, circle theorems and trigonometry
  • Statistics – Averages, graphs, charts, distributions and probability


Students will be assessed formally twice a year, at the end of the Autumn and Summer terms, and informal assessments will take place each half term.

Pathways to Further Learning

The study of Mathematics in KS3 gives students an insight into the vast world of maths and its various applications in life.

It's a fantastic introduction to the subject and will lay the foundations for those looking to study the subject at a higher level at IGCSE or AS/A Level