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KS3 History

KS3 History


Course Overview

History at Key Stage 3 (KS3) introduces students to the vast world of our past, delving into some of the most significant events and actions which have made a mark on our history.

The course aims to build students up to study History at IGCSE level, ensuring they have the correct skills and exam techniques to excel. These include:

  • stimulating an interest in and enthusiasm for learning about the past
  • promoting the acquisition of knowledge and understanding of individuals, people and societies in the past
  • ensuring that learners’ knowledge is rooted in an understanding of the nature and use of historical evidence
  • promoting an understanding of key historical concepts: cause and consequence, change and continuity, and similarity and difference
  • providing a sound basis for further study and the pursuit of personal interest
  • encouraging international understanding
  • encouraging the development of historical skills, including investigation, analysis, evaluation and communication skills.

What Students Will Learn

While studying History, KS3 students:

Year 7

In Year 7 we focus on English History in the Mediaeval and Early Modern Period and developing a variety of historical skills such as source analysis, essay writing and the consideration of different perspectives and interpretations.

Unit 1: The Norman Conquest
Unit 2: Religion in Medieval England
Unit 3: The problems of medieval monarchs
Unit 4: Migration in Mediaeval and Early modern England
Unit 5: Challenges to the Catholic Church and the Reformation
Unit 6: Changing ideas: Civil War, Restoration, Glorious Revolution and increasing Union

Year 8

In Year 8 we broaden out our study to include British History with an international perspective with a particular early focus on the Slave Trade. We then expand out to global conflict and then modern German History.

Unit 1: The Slave Trade
Unit 2: The Industrial Revolution
Unit 3: The growth of the Franchise, working men and women’s rights
Unit 4: The First World War
Unit 5: Weimar Republic
Unit 6: Nazi Germany
Unit 7: The Holocaust

Year 9

In Year 9 we focus much more on international history, with a particular concentration on modern Chinese History to provide some perspective for our Chinese links.

Unit 1: The Russian Revolution
Unit 2: Bolshevik Russia
Unit 3: The Cold War
Unit 4: Chinese History: The end of the Qing Dynasty
Unit 5: Chinese History: The Reasons for the Communist Takeover in 1949
Unit 6: Chinese History: Mao’s China
Unit 7: China after Mao, growth of economic prosperity

Pathways to Further Learning

The study of History in KS3 gives students the opportunity to prepare themselves fully for studying and taking examinations in the subject, especially looking at exam skills and essay writing.

It's a fantastic introduction to history and will lay the foundations for those looking to study the subject at a higher level at IGCSE or AS/A Level.