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KS3 Computer Science

KS3 Computer Science

Computer Science

Course Overview

Computer Science at Key Stage 3 (KS3) gives students the opportunity to look inside a computer to understand the purpose of different components.

They will develop coding skills in text-based programming languages, such as Python, and begin to appreciate how computers are used in a variety of different settings.

What Students Will Learn

While following Cambridge International Lower Secondary Computing, students will learn how to:

  • extract key information from a set of instructions, break down problems into smaller parts and learn how to solve them
  • learn how to work in binary, and hexadecimal 
  • present algorithms in an increasingly complex way
  • think logically to identify and solve errors in complex computing scenarios
  • see themselves as computer scientists and understand how skills such as programming and logical thinking help in local and global industries
  • understand the role that computers, other machines and data play in a range of industries.


Pathways to Further Learning

The study of Computer Science in KS3 gives students a taste for learning more about computers and the rapidly-changing world of technology.  

It's a fantastic introduction to computing and will lay the foundations for those looking to study the subject at a higher level at IGCSE or AS/A Level.