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KS3 Chinese (Mandarin)

KS3 Chinese (Mandarin)

Chinese - Mandarin

Course Overview

Studying Chinese - Mandarin at Key Stage 3 (KS3) introduces students to an exciting foreign language. Their journey to becoming fluent in Mandarin begins in Year 7 and is a staple part of the curriculum here at St Bees.

Students will learn a range of topics as well as more about Chinese culture.  We celebrate all the major Chinese festivals alongside our St Bees Schools in China.

What Students Will Learn

While learning Mandarin at St Bees, KS3 students:

  • learn greetings and how to introduce themselves
  • express what their hobbies and interests are
  • learn to talk about school life, subjects, times and dates
  • talk about themselves, their family and home life
  • learn the vocabulary for different foods and drinks
  • talk about holidays, locations, the weather and festivals
  • learn colours, numbers, quantities, shapes and more.


Pathways to Further Learning

The study of Chinese- Mandarin in KS3 gives students a taste for a new and exciting language. It is especially important for life at St Bees as we encourage the free-flow of education between students at St Bees in the UK and the students at our St Bees Schools in China.

It's a fantastic introduction to Mandarin and will lay the foundations for those looking to study the subject at a higher level at IGCSE.