St Bees School



Specific Entry Requirements 

Students must have a IGCSE/GCSE grade 5 or equivalent in Geography and preferably a minimum of 4 further passes including Maths and English Language.

Course Modules 

There are 14 areas of study in the full A level syllabus over a two-year timescale.

For the AS syllabus in Year 1 study centres on the core aspects of physical and human Geography. These include:

  • Hydrology
  • Atmosphere and Weather
  • Rocks and Weathering
  • Population
  • Migration 
  • Settlement Dynamics

For the A Level course in Year 2, additional topics covered are:

  • Tropical Environments
  • Coastal Environments
  • Hazardous Environments
  • Hot and Arid Environments
  • Production Location and Change
  • Environmental management
  • Global Interdependence 
  • Economic Transition

How You Will Be Assessed 

For the full A level there will be four 1 and a half hour examinations.

If the AS option is selected, 2 of these examinations will be at the end of Year 1.

University Courses and Career Paths 

Following the study of Geography at A Level, degree level studies can be pursued in Geography, Humanities, Environmental Sciences, Surveying, Bio-Medical Sciences and more.