St Bees School

English Literature

English Literature

Specific Entry Requirements 

You will be expected to have achieved at least a Level 6 in English at IGCSE/GCSE.

Course Modules 

AS & A Level English Literature will provide learners with the opportunity to gain further knowledge and understanding of international poetry, prose and drama, with candidates studying all genres at both levels.

Throughout the AS and A Level course learners will be encouraged to practise their skills in close reading through the study of literary extracts and unseen texts; developing skills of analysis and interpretation of texts, alongside their expression of personal response to the texts studied.

Learners will explore the conventions of genres of texts and the contexts in which works have been written, read and received. A wide range of inspiring set texts have been carefully selected to offer a depth and breadth of literary study.

At AS Level learners will study three set texts and prepare for one unseen text. At A Level they will study four further set texts.

How You Will Be Assessed 

AS Level

Paper 1- Drama and Poetry (2 hour exam), 25% of the overall grade
Paper 2 - Prose and Unseen (2 hour exam), 25% of the overall grade

A Level

Paper 3- Shakespeare and Drama (2 hour exam), 25% of the overall grade
Paper 4 - Pre- and Post 1900 Poetry and Prose (2 hour exam), 25% of the overall grade

University Courses and Career Paths 

English Literature is a highly respected A level. As well as an English Literature degree itself, students of Literature might go on to study for University degrees in a range of subjects including History, Education, Sociology, Psychology, Drama and Theatre Studies and Law. Even Medical Schools value the subject highly.